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LUXE Beauty is meant for all women, but we believe that the fountain of youth is available to us at every age by tapping into the wisdom and timelessness of nature, joined with cutting-edge science. For women over 40 who are experiencing thinning brows and sparse lashes, we say – no more!  

LUXE Beauty is a small, but growing company based in California, U.S.A. Our motto is science+nature. We have a successful track record for creating botanically-based, and scientifically researched products primarily for regrowing hair, lashes, and eyebrows for both men and women. We’ve been in business for more than a decade, and sold thousands of products directly from our site and through Amazon. Cutting-edge scientific research is our forte. The result is high-quality products that customers rave about.

LUXE Beauty offers products that help to promote the youth and vitality we grew accustomed to in our younger years. Our main product line focuses on restoring the beauty that frames the windows to the soul, your eyes. Without healthy eyebrows and eye lashes, the luster and shine of your eyes may become diminished. Behind exquisite eyes are mysteries deep and profound, but your beauty regime shouldn’t be a mystery.  You haven’t got time to figure out which products to add to your beauty regime, so we make it simple.


Without healthy eyebrows and eye lashes, the luster and shine of your eyes may become diminished. Behind exquisite eyes are mysteries deep and profound, but your beauty regime shouldn’t be a mystery.  Try our LUXE Beauty vital serums!


Sensual, pleasure loving, opulent, elegant


An aggregate of qualities that gives pleasure to the senses or exalts the mind and spirit, excellence 


For thick brows and full lashes, peptides are also important, as they will inspire sleepy hair follicles to wake and grow new lashes or brows. Our formulations rely on natural, pure & effective healing modalities which infuse powerful plant-based antioxidants and regenerative compounds into your skin, to support peptide creation.


Transform your lashes from thinning and damaged to strong and sexy with our advanced eyelash boost formula.


As you get older, you may experience a reduction of one of your body’s primary building blocks – peptides. These are a chain of amino acids which build the proteins that we find in our skin and hair. For beautiful skin, you need peptides to help promote the production of collagen. 

Plant peptides are a new frontier in medical science, but they are also leading the way in beauty. They allow cell-to-cell communication, the slowing of oxidative stress in the body (which causes thin brows and sparse eyelashes), reduced inflammation, speedy wound healing, and hair and skin renewal. 

This results in a simple miracle: youthful skin, more lush eyelashes, and fuller, thicker eyebrows. Your eyes can then shine on, sister. LUXE Beauty is turning back the clock. We can’t wait to share our plant-based products with you so you can experience luxurious beauty first hand. 

We support professional development and collaboration with dietitians / nutritionists, and share information with our customers that hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation is the complex biological process and hair loss prevention must be taken seriously. Any biological process in our bodies largely depends on age/genes/immune health and proper nutrition.

Please keep in mind that any biological process like hair growth, largely depends on age/genes/immune health and proper nutrition. Well-balanced nutritional intake along with the usage of natural hair care products that are high in vitamins and amino acids, is the first step to restore and support successful hair regrowth. Great looking thick lustrous hair start from great health.

All our products are cruelty-free, and use botanically derived compounds along with science’s latest breakthroughs. Try one of our serum’s today, and in 12 weeks or less you’ll have beautiful lashes and brows.  As John Keats once said, “The poetry of nature is never dead.” Let LUXE Beauty restore your vitality, and youth, using the timeless wisdom of nature. 


Eyebrow Growth Serum

To Improve Damaged/Over Plucked Brows For Men & Women 0.23 Fl Oz

Anti-Aging Brow Serum & Hair Edges

Restoration for Men/DHT and Women/Menopause 0.23 Fl Oz

Lash Boost & Eyebrow Growth

Enhancing Serum 0.23 Fl Oz